Tales of the Maid Vol 2
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Tales of the Maid
Vol. 1

Tales of the Maid Vol.2


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Tales of the Maid
Volume 2   £6.99

(Note: this file is 1.44 MB. It will only take a few seconds to download with a broadband modem, but could take longer with a mobile phone connection, so be patient. You have 24 hours to complete the download and can return at any time to continue, if you bookmark the download page.)

Sissy Maid Academy (Part Two)
Sissy Bonnie starts her maid training and learns all the ways to pleasure her mistress.

Darren's Dilemma
Tranny Darren gets more than he bargains for when he goes to the home of his forceful female boss.

The Last Straw (Part Four)
Denise is to live permanently as a woman - she is taken shopping to buy her new clothes and to the hair salon to have her hair done in an extravagantly feminine style...
This downloadable version features 12 Extra Pages
of the story.

Also in this issue:

<<< Colour special featuring our
         Maids Photo Gallery

Mistress Amanda's Letters Page

The second issue of Tales of the Maid features more full colour pages than ever before.

In a huge 86 page format.



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