Tales of the Maid Vol 1
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Tales of the Maid Vol. 1

Tales of the Maid Vol.2


Tales of the Maid 1

My Girl
Mike thinks it’s a joke when Diana hands him a powder blue nightie and white satin bra and panties to wear. He soon discovers that his new girlfriend is deadly serious in her plan to feminise him completely...

Mistress Renée’s Sissy Maid Academy (Part One)
Mistress Rita decides she wants Bonnie to be her permanent sissy maid, and sends her to Mistress Renée’s Sissy Maid Academy for intensive training....

Tales of the Maid
Volume 1  £6.99

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The Last Straw (Part Three)
The sizzling sequel to the story featured in Tales of Crossdressing Vols. 4 & 5. Denise is given lessons in her new role as an ultra-feminine she-male maid and sex-slave: ‘And your clothes? From tomorrow, you will be permanently kept as Denise. There'll be a little explaining to do to the neighbours and at work. But don't worry, I intend to make sure everybody knows the truth. There'll be no silly tales about a visiting friend or a husband who walked out on me. Everybody will be told the simple, inescapable truth. You've decided to become a girl. Denis is now Denise. And that goes for travelling, for visits, for everything you do socially. We'll have to get your name changed, but that's all. I want everyone in the whole world to know that my husband is a beautiful transvestite.’

In a 72 page format.

Vol. 1 Includes a special FULL COLOUR four-page centre feature on 'The Art of Enforced Feminisation'



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