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DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS: If you have any problems with downloading our magazines following payment, we guarantee to send the magazines you have ordered by email. Just contact us.


When you have paid for the magazine through PayPal, a download webpage will open up.

This gives you a web address from which you can download the magazine for up to 24 hours. IMPORTANT: COPY THIS DOWNLOAD WEBPAGE ADDRESS AND MAKE A NOTE OF IT OR BOOKMARK THIS ADDRESS IN YOUR BROWSER.

You can return at any time FOR 24 HOURS to download or re-download the magazine you have paid for.

The magazines are in .PDF format, zipped for speed of download. Once you have downloaded the magazine to your local computer, locate the file (probably in your download folder); double-click on the file to open it and load into your Acrobat .PDF reader. If this doesn't work, you may not have a program to unzip the file. You can easily find a free app to do this, such as WINZIP.

If you still have problems, CONTACT US.

NOTE: if you have problems with the above download system, it is also possible to get any magazine(s) sent to you by email, as attached .PDF files (not zipped). Just pay us direct to our PayPal account. Some of our customers prefer to do this rather than using the download system. Please CONTACT US.

Do you have the Adobe Reader?
You need to have the Adobe Reader set up on your computer, tablet or smartphone, as magazines are supplied in Adobe Reader.PDF format. Most computers come with this ready installed. If you have not got the Adobe Reader on your computer, it is available FREE and can be downloaded by clicking on the button below:

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Can you unzip a file?
Our magazines are 'zipped' for speed of download. This means they will download initially as a .ZIP file, which must be extracted before it can be used. Some mail facilities unzip files automatically, as soon as the download is completed. AOL. does this. All versions of Windows from Windows Vista onwards (including Windows 7 and 8) will automatically unzip a file once it is downloaded. Windows XP will also automatically decompress a zip file - find the .zip file (eg. in your download directory using Windows Explorer or My Computer, double-click on it to open a new folder with the Adobe Reader.pdf file in it. Next, double-click on the .pdf file (eg. tocd6.pdf) to open the magazine and begin reading. If your download is not unzipped automatically and your operating system is not Windows XP or above, you may need a program to unzip it.

WinZip used to be available in a shareware version which was free to download. You can buy the latest licenced version of WinZip from the website, or do a a search for 'free zip extractor' in a search engine such as Google, to get a list of free zip decompression programs, such as: or

Do you know where your download directory is?
The magazine file will download into whichever directory or folder you select - make sure you know where this is, so that you can find it easily. If you don't have a download folder, use My Documents or create a new folder in My Documents called 'downloads' and download into this. You can then find the file anytime using Windows Explorer or My Computer. Once the file is extracted, simply double-click on it to launch it. The file will be called something like before it is extracted, and tocd1.pdf after it is extracted and ready to use. Just double-click on this .pdf file and it will launch the Acrobat Reader with the magazine ready loaded to read.

If you are unable to complete the download successfully after payment, please email* us (please remove 'nodamnspam' at beginning of email address) or telephone: U.K. - 07577 862501, Overseas - +44 7577 862501 and we will send you the magazine by email as an attached file, after confirming that your payment transaction has gone through. If you use a Hotmail, Yahoo or similar webmail account, make sure you can receive attached files to the account - you need an email address which can receive attached files and is not blocked by anti-spam or firewall software or by any settings which may prevent downloads. If in doubt about your email address, try it out by sending yourself an attached file before you order. You only need to worry about this if you were unable to complete the download - in nearly all cases it works fine unless you have software blocking downloads (very rare.)

*Our email address: please remove 'nodamnspam'.

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