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Tales of the Maid Vol 2

NOTE: Our magazines contain adult content and stories that are sexually explicit: you should be over 18 before proceeding further.

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We are considered by many to be the ORIGINAL and BEST publishers of transgender fiction magazines. To begin with, before the Internet and the World Wide Web, they were in printed format in the 1980s, long before many others jumped on the bandwagon and copied us.

Our stories, most of them written by Kate Lesley (AmberGoth), are now considered classics of the genre.

We sell a range of good quality, well-written
transgender fiction magazines and books on the themes of transgenderism, transsexuality, sex change, crossdressing, transvestism, forced feminisation, petticoat punishment and maid training

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Tales of Crossdressing Vol 10
now available as a download

Send your photos to our Gallery
for Forced Femme & Girlhood Vol. 2

Please email your photos (no spammers please - any spam with be deleted without opening)

We are currently putting together Forced Femme and Girlhood Vol. 2, and need new photos for our Readers Gallery. If you have any photos of yourself en femme, in your favourite sissy girl outfit, glamorous 'going out' clothes, party dress, maid's costume, or just normal feminine attire, please do email them to us for our Gallery.

If we publish your photo, we'll send you a free copy of the magazine.


Tales of the Maid Vol. 1
Tales of the Maid Vol. 2 cover


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We at FFG have been publishing fiction magazines for cross-dressers, transvestites, transsexuals, sissies, maids, she-males and all members of the transgender community since 1994.

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How Stephen became Stephanie

Paperback edition
from Amazon (click above)

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Order Kate Lesley's Classic Collected Transgender Short Stories in paperback format from Amazon

Kindle Edition of
How Stephen became Stephanie by Kate Lesley


Tales of Crossdressing Vol 10 available as a download

coming soon...

Forced Femme & Girlhood
Vol 2

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• Start at the beginning with our first issue:
   Tales of Crossdressing Vol. 1

• Read about the Tales of Crossdressing series

• Read about the Tales of the Maid series

• Read about the Tales of Sissy School series

Unfortunately, due to lack of storage space, our magazines in traditional printed magazine format are no longer available, but all of them are still available as downloads.

Tales of the Maid Vol 2
now available as a download





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